Air Source Heat Pumps

Welcome to Ecospec Ltd, where sustainable solutions meet excellence. As a distinguished provider of cutting-edge heating technology, we are proud to offer state-of-the-art air source heat pump installation services to commercial and domestic clients in Wakefield and the neighbouring regions.

Elevate Your Business with Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps represent a groundbreaking leap in heating technology, harnessing the natural warmth of the air to deliver efficient and environmentally-friendly heating solutions for commercial and domestic properties. These systems have a number of advantages that are ideal for companies looking for environmentally friendly alternatives.

Air source heat pump installers

Our Wide Range of Services

At Ecospec Ltd, we understand that every client has different heating needs. We provide a range of specialised services that guarantee the best performance and dependability of air source heat pump installations with a devoted focus on satisfying these particular needs:

1. Consultation and evaluation: We start by thoroughly evaluating your space, heating needs, and energy-saving objectives. To offer an individualised air source heat pump solution, we evaluate variables including building size, layout, and existing infrastructure.

2. Design and Installation: Our team of certified experts takes your vision and creates a meticulously crafted installation plan. We oversee every step of the installation process, from planning to execution, assuring a perfect fit with your existing heating systems.

3. Maintenance and Support: Your air source heat pump system must have regular maintenance to remain effective and long-lasting. We provide customised maintenance plans to maintain the performance of your system, limiting downtime and maximising energy savings.

4. Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings: By selecting Ecospec Ltd, you're not only picking a more environmentally friendly option but also making an investment in long-term cost savings due to decreased energy usage and lower operating costs.

5. Local Expertise: Our familiarity with Wakefield and its surroundings allows us to factor in the unique climatic conditions and heating demands of the area, ensuring your property remains comfortable year-round.

6. Reliable heat pumps from quality brands: We ensure that our customers only receive the best quality air source heat pumps by carefully selecting the brands we install. We install Vaillant and Viessmann heat pumps (such as the highly rated Vaillant aroTHERM plus), both of which have a fantastic reputation for energy efficiency and reliability.

Vaillant Arotherm Plus

Why Choose Ecospec Ltd?

BUS Scheme: You can get up to £7,500 of government incentives towards the cost of having a new air source heat pump installed.

Knowledge: Our staff is made up of professionals that have earned industry certifications and have extensive backgrounds installing commercial and domestic air source heat pumps.

Quality Control: We collaborate with recognised producers to get premium heat pump systems, guaranteeing dependability and lifespan.

Customised Solutions: We approach each project individually and mould our services to fit your specific business needs.

Sustainability: By choosing one of our sustainable heating options, you can embrace environmental responsibility and associate your company with eco-friendly practices.

Customer-Centric Approach: Our ethos is built around ensuring that our customers are happy. To guarantee that your expectations are fulfilled and surpassed, we work directly with you.

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